Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mid-month fancies

I’m writing this with my window wide open and the sun (and birdsongs!) streaming in. It is gorgeous and I’d like the weather to stay this way, okay, sun did you hear that?! Do. Not. Move. If we could just skip and get to late June already that would be a nice, and I think all round beneficial idea. Anyway back this, and by this I mean a new series of mid-month favourites, or fancies as I like to call them...

Hot cross buns

It’s officially lent now, so it’s basically Easter, yes? Thus scoffing hot cross buns is socially acceptable. Whilst the majority of the UK gets overly excited when Creme Eggs hit the shelves (admittedly I also do), hot cross buns are what really float my boat and they made it to this post purely on the fact that they will be the only things I’m eating until Easter. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of these beauties, because, well, they have mysteriously disappeared – what?! Don’t give me that look!

CK One – Red for her

Before I dash down to the shops to stock up on the aforementioned delicacies I thought I’d spread some light on my new favourite perfume. I’m not sure how long it’s available on the shelves but it rather new for me, and as someone particular in their use of scent I was surprised how much I fell for this. It’s light, fruity but floral tones places it most definitely in the day perfume box but also makes it perfect for spring. I wear it consistently and have numerous compliments on how I smell every time. Although I’m tempted to persuade you it really is just my unique natural scent, I have to admit it is all down to this beauty!

The Noto Journal

My mum recently left this beauty (a to be stocking present which got forgotten) on my desk as a lovely surprise for when I got home. I think it is absolutely darling in the blue; the colours remind me of summer and really perk up my day! It is perfect for keeping in my bag and jotting down notes throughout the day.


What, Ruby bought trainers?! The same Ruby who hasn’t run since year eleven and didn’t expect to ever do so again unless: a. there was a zombie apocalypse or b. a free giveaway at FCUK.   Fortunately and unfortunately neither of these have yet to occur and yet somehow I have found myself in the possession of trainers.
“But exercise is so good for you” said every member of my family ever as I laughed, shrugged and went back to gorging on Ben and Jerry’s whilst watching HIMYM. But last weekend I succumbed to what has been eighteen years of my family trying to get me to go on a run and did it. And you know what?! I actually enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I went for not one but three runs, almost consecutively. The only reason I didn’t do more was due to the uncomfortable blisters my toes had sprung due to my bright idea of running in my old summer taps. Thus this led me to trekking into town and purchasing a pair of shiny new Nike trainers from what sister put as “the most depressing shop I’ve ever been in” (a poorly lit, claustrophobic sport shop full of hyperactive young boys and haggard mothers). But hey I now own a pair of these darlings and as well as making running a hell of a lot easier and not killing my feet, having actual running career inspires me to keep it up.

Hope you’re having a good week. Are any of these your favourites this month, if not what are? Any recommendations?

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