Thursday, 5 February 2015

My week in photos: 01

I really enjoy other bloggers 'photos of the week' posts and so have decided to create my own series: a photo per day of something that made me smile.

Monday - nothing better than being disturbed by your kitty's snoring 

Tuesday - walking home from the denists I couldn't help but admire how beautiful the city I live in is and realise how often I take it for granted. 

Wednesday - made brownies for a class at school and the look on my face as I licked out the bowl was of pure pleasure. 

Thursday - it was just so cold and wintery outside that a night by the fire was just what I needed.

Friday - I had no lessons and it was my mum's day off work, so we went up to Oxford and had a lovely lunch out - I love the affect of the sun against the bottles.

Saturday - the sun streaming through the mist over Weston-Super-Mare was an inexplicably beautiful sight. 

Sunday - warm scones, chai tea and good friends is a lovely way to end the week.

Hope you all had a lovely week.

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